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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Tips to Improve Clients Number of a Tax Consultancy

If you are into tax consultancy, then you are on the right page. You should grab the tips to increase your clients’number. If you need some urgent money, you can always apply for a CA loan online and never let any obstacle to come between your firm’s success!

Think beyond tax filling

You may be getting more clients and works related to tax return services or tax filling. But, you should try to convince them for other services as well. When you are conducting a tax return interview, talk regarding the other services too. This will help your business to grow faster.

Inform them or keep in touch via emails or newsletters

It can be your existing customers or your potential customers, who can be informed or remain in touch by sending weekly newsletters. You may find several potential customers online can wants to get updated with the basic tips of tax management, vital dates for tax filing, etc. You can be the source of information for them.

Maintain a tax calendar 

If you keep on maintaining a tax calendar every month, it will be easy for you to contact your clients at regular interval and you won’t miss any of them. You can carry out other marketing activities and include vital dates, pre-tax filing dates budget season, new registration dates and more to grab their interests.

Get used to Client Management Software (CMS)

It is better to go online than to rely on the old practices of using paper and pen in today’s time. So, you should be habituated with the Client Management Software (CMS). The software eliminates errors, helps in sharing calendar, improves data entry, and client interaction.

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