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Friday 20 April 2018

5 Top Indian Businesswomen Success Stories

Be it healthcare, beauty, textiles, banking, and finance, Indian businesswomen are leaving their footprints in the global market. There are the role models of thousands of aspiring women of India and abroad. Their success stories will surely inspire you to move forward on a positive note and never think of giving up. Those 5 most popular women are:
  • Dipali Goenka 
  • Vinita Gupta
  • Kiran Mazumdar 
  • Chanda Kochhar 
  • Meena Ganesh 
  • Dipali Goenka - Welspun India

A short intro for those who don’t know who she is. She is the CEO and Joint Managing Director of Welspun India Limited. She handles the textile business and has come up with two popular home textiles brands in India, SPACES and Christy. last year Goenka also launched the Wel-Trak programme, for retailers and customers to increase transparency of the business and improve production quality.

Vinita Gupta – Lupin 

Since 1993, she holds the ultimate responsibility for Lupin’s growth. She is a graduate in Pharmacy and she put her effort for the expansion of Lupin in the US, through Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lupin.

Kiran Mazumdar – Biocon

She is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Limited, Asia’s leading bio-pharmaceuticals enterprise, and she is also the chairperson of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bengaluru.

Her contribution to the field of biotechnology is phenomenal. The contributions to their respective areas involve constant cash flow. If you want to become a successful businesswoman like them, you must be aware of these factors. You can manage your problems through a womens small business loans, to finance any requirement related to your business. To know in details and to know about other businesswomen, read the whole article:
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