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Friday 9 February 2018

Tips for CA to Expand their Practice Easily

A person who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, will always have the ambition to start a business on his own, to continue his practice and take it to another level. Starting the practice is like taking a decision and initiate it, but expanding the practice is not at all an easy task. You need to research and get hold of the proper notes to improve the practice.

Here are some tips that will help you to expand easily.

Give Importance to Partners

You need to ask partners to join with your firm. These partners must have diverse talent so that it enhances your firm’s value.

Improve the Knowledge Graph

You must enhance the knowledge level of yours and your people in your firm, so that, you do not lag behind. Try to hire those people who are aware of and have knowledge regarding consultation, GST, insolvency, legal, share evaluation, taxation, auditing, national and international, company secretary or IT.

Build Network Properly

Create your own network which will help you to improve your visibility. The best way to increase networking is attending seminars and events. There you can meet potential clients and get many references, which may help you to build a great clientele base. You can also increase your network and improve visibility through blogs, guest posts, and opinion pieces.

Take the Support of a CA Loan

There are various needs in a firm or in a business, which actually needs funding. To finance the course, the hiring of professionals, or the purchase of office supplies or advance accounting software, a business loan is essential. The specialized business loan for Chartered Accountants is known as CA Loan. It is good to apply for a flexible CA Loan because you do not have to apply for separate loans for different purposes. It helps to get money whenever you require and repay only the interest initially and later the principal. It is always recommended apply for a CA Loan in an NBFC as they have the lower rate of interest, flexible line of credit facility, lesser eligibility criteria, minimal documentation process, etc.

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