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Wednesday 8 November 2017

Personal loan for Wedding: Good Decision or Not?

If you are getting married sooner or later or if you have a wedding at your home, then make sure you have enough savings with you to finance that big fat wedding. First, estimate your wedding expense how much are you going to spend on that wedding. Making an estimation will help you in the long-run. If you can figure out that the cost of wedding will be around Rs. 15-20 lakhs, then you can decide whether you can afford it or not.
Just think of the situation where you cannot afford to pay this amount from your pocket or this may burn your pocket. There comes the role of a personal loan. It is an unsecured loan which is offered by the banks and NBFCs for all purposes. Wedding can surely be a purpose to apply for a personal loan for wedding.

But, before applying for a personal loan you should be aware of certain factors like eligibility calculators, EMI calculators, instant loan application and loan approval, etc. To get the details of these factors and other factors related to personal loan, read:

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