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Thursday 16 November 2017

Now You can Apply for Low Interest Home Loan in Pune

There are plenty of choices for home buyers in the city of Pune. On the index of popularity it stands ninth and why not, once the city of Peshawas, now it is more than just an educational hub. It has grown magnificently in real estate and career development options. The cosmopolitan city attracts students, professionals and entrepreneurs for its infrastructure, culture and proximity to Mumbai. That is one of the reasons why people from metropolitan cities are looking to call this city their home, and looking for suitable abodes.  
Owning an apartment in the city is not that big a deal, with the real estate inventory in the city offering budgeted to luxurious apartments. You do not need the full amount to make a purchase, instead, you should have enough to make a down-payment, and the rest of the requirement can be fulfilled by a Home Loan.  There are several lenders in the city, from banks and NBFCs to private lenders ready to offer Home Loans in Pune However, you should opt for banks and NBFCs, because private lenders are usually not bound by laws and can charge a very high rate of interest. Most NBFCs charge a lower interest rate on Home Loans as compared to banks, and they are regulated by the RBI or National Housing Bank.

Interest rates of various lenders may not vary vastly, but eligibility criteria, CIBIL Score requirement, etc., would vary greatly, and a home buyer should look at the criteria differently before finalizing a loan.
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