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Friday 7 July 2017

Loans Against Property-Best Source of Quick Funds for Doctors

Given below are the benefits doctors can avail by taking a loan against property-

Quick and Hassle-free
Loans against property give doctors quick access to funds when they need them unlike selling property which is time-consuming.

Lower Interest Rates
Being a secured loan, one need not worry about high interest rates with a loan against property.

Line of Credit
Doctors can avail consistent funds upto Rs 2crores with this facility and repayment can be through structured or one-time payment.
Flexible Payment
Doctors can enjoy the consistency of term loans and the flexibility of credit line together with flexi saver. They can withdraw funds and prepay them at their convenience.

Easy Online Access
Transaction and account details can be easily accessed online for loans against property for doctors.

Specific Insurance Schemes
Some lenders provide customised insurance schemes such as coverage for the entire loan amount (irrespective of prepayment) and coverage of homes against any emergency.

Loan Option on Various Properties
Doctors can avail loans on any residential or commercial property they own while also benefiting from facilities like Property Dossier which is a comprehensive guide for all property-related transactions.

No Requirement for Proof of Usage
With a loan against property, doctors do not need to provide any proof of usage. The funds can thus be utilized for a wedding, expansion of business or even a hospitalization.

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