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Friday 14 April 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing In Fixed Deposit From Today!

Investing is something that you should do as soon as you start earning a regular salary. It ensures that you have something to fall back on once you’ve retired. It’s a safety net that we all need. Here are ten reasons that tell you why you should start investing at the earliest possible.

Fixed Deposit
Fixed deposits are known throughout the country as a safe FD investment option. They promise steady returns.

  • Steady and secure growth

  • Low rate of interest
  • Returns are taxable

Understand Reason to Invest in FD through this Video

1. Monetary Growth
Not every wealth can be earned. Your money must grow proportional to the inflation to meet your needs. Having investments in place is a guaranteed way to keep your money growing.

2. Retire Early
Everyone loves the idea of retiring early and doing what they want to do. Unless you’ve a steady alternate source of income, your needs won’t be met. This makes investment essential if you want to retire early.
3. Earning Higher Returns
Just saving money isn’t enough, it has to grow. That means it needs to get you higher returns when you withdraw the money. Or it should pay you dividends. In both cases, the idea is to keep your money working, not idle. With time, your investment will grow.

4. Meeting Financial Goals
Everyone has a bucket list in life. Most times, they come with a price. Having an investment to back you up will give you the liberty to spend on what you want without worrying about your future financial security
5. Emergency
In the case of emergencies, investments can come in handy. They can be a savior during medical emergencies or cash crunches.
6. Entrepreneurship
You can become an entrepreneur if you have some sort of investment to use as a capital. That business can be another form of income, which can be beneficial for you even when you retire.
7. Philanthropy
Having wealth saved systematically lets you help others in need. This way, you can be socially responsible. You can take care of friends and family if they’re having trouble as well.
8. Reduce Taxes
Investment has dual benefits. As most investment plans claim, you can actually save the taxable income. You can put that to use again and grow it for future use.
9. Venture Capital
The best investors automatically turn into venture capitalists. If this interests you, then you should definitely invest so that you can be part of future start-ups.
10. Create Reservoir to Pursue Hobby
Investing gives the luxury to pursue hobbies after you retire without worrying about cash crunches.
You know the reasons. But how do you ensure that you make proper investments and not just burn your money? Here are some ways that you can take a look at.

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