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Thursday 5 January 2017

Know about the Flexi Loan and its Benefits

Flexi Loan is completely different to a regular personal loan. in regular personal loans you pay the interest on the total loan amount while in Flexi loans, It allows withdrawing required funds whenever you need without reapplying. and you will only pay interest on your used amount.

Features and Benefits of Flexi Loan

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  • Only you need to pay interest on your outstanding balance.
  • Floating Interest Rate.
  • No additional fee for additional withdrawals.

Apart from these given benefits there several more benefits of online personal loan such as

  1. Zero Collateral- You do not have to provide any security/collateral or even any guarantor to get your personal loan approved since these are unsecured loans.
  2. Fast Process & Approval- Personal loan application and approval processes are really fast and hassle-free as compared to other loans and require minimum documentation.
  3. Flexible Fund Usage- Unlike many other loans, you can use an instant personal loan for taking care of varied needs including medical emergencies, home renovation, weddings, traveling, higher education, buying gadgets and many other purposes.
  4. Minimal Documentation & Faster Disbursal- Personal loans are disbursed faster as compared to other loans while only a few key documents are required (mainly KYC documents, salary slips, bank statements and so on).

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