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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Why Fixed Deposit is Good Investment Plan

You will definitely have some savings with you and you may want to get some benefit out of it. Then, you must go for some kind of investment.
However, there are different forms of investment that involves different risk factors and thus varies their ROI. If you want to avoid any kind of risk and want to go for an assured return, fixed deposit is the best option for you. That is a reason behind why peoples choose fixed deposit for investment.

But first you should know, what is FD and how it works? A Fixed Deposit, also known as term deposit, is a financial instrument provided by banks wherein you can invest your money in fixed deposit plans and a certain sum into the bank and earn interest on it.

It’s not only about the secured return that interests most of the applicants to invest, there are other benefits that are associated with it as well. You can get a loan against your FD, that is a huge benefit associated with it. You are also entitled to a tax saving term deposit. There are many more similar features of an FD, that will be beneficial for you.

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